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CBD has also been shown to improve symptoms of sleep apnea and inflammation. If you are not sleeping due to inflammation, CBD may be of benefit. If you suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease and have a sleep disorder give CBD a try.


By A&T Organic's posted February 16 2020

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For those of you experiencing constant sleeping problems, this article is for you. Absence of enough sleep is affecting our general public in a bigger number of ways.

I am going to break down for you the significance of sleep and how CBD BioCare and CBD hemp oil may benefit your healthy sleep cycle.

CBD and Sleep

Before jumping into it, let me make this clear. I have benefited from using CBD oil to support a healthy sleep cycle as have many of my patients. In my experience, sleep is one of the main areas of people’s health, they report improvement with when using CBD BioCare. 

As a disclaimer, I will begin by saying certain strains of cannabis Indica (marijuana) have been shown to support healthy sleep patterns. Although the long-term consequences are not yet fully understood. THC appears to be more beneficial than CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for sleep, or at least a combination of THC and CBD.

Sleep and CBD is a tricky subject. This is due to the fact CBD has a bi-phasic action. At too low of a dose CBD Spectrum will not work, at too high of a dose it may have the opposite effects. To make matters further complex, we all metabolize and respond to CBD differently.

Many individuals who use CBD may report more alertness during the day and less fatigue. This is an excellent thing for those who do not get a good night's sleep. A study carried out by Anthony N. Nicholas MD, Ph.D. showed that 15mg of THC had sedative effects while 15mg of CBD Full Spectrum promoted wake activity during sleep. Generally speaking, those that find THC has a non-sedative effect, CBD may provide these people with a calming effect. While those that find THC creates a sedative effect may find CBD stimulating.

On the flip side, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress significantly. I tell my patients if you find yourself lying in bed with your mind racing through millions of thoughts CBD may be for you! Anxiety, stress, and depression can ruin a good night's sleep. By using CBD Spectrum to support a healthy "stress" response, we may be able to improve one's ability to fall asleep.

CBD has also been shown to improve symptoms of sleep apnea and inflammation. If you are not sleeping due to inflammation, CBD may be of benefit. If you suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease and have a sleep disorder give CBD a try.

For those suffering from PTSD and sleep disorders, CBD may be of benefit. If night terrors are present, consider speaking to your physician about THC containing cannabis. THC has been shown to decrease and, in some cases, eliminate dreaming.

Recall CBD Spectrum Hemp oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help reduce pain. Anyone who has ever suffered from acute or chronic shoulder or low back pain knows that pain will often wake them up during the evening. Clinically, one of the first things I ask my patients is "does this pain wake you up at night." This is a vital question if my patient is not sleeping due to pain, I know it's going to take a long time to get them better. Without sleep, our bodies cannot recover, and the prognosis goes down.  

In the event that you are not sleeping, you are not the only one. Simply take a look at of the alarming data from The American Sleep Association.

. 50-70 million US grown-ups have a rest issue

. 48% report wheezing

. 37.9% report unexpectedly nodding off during the day in any event once in the previous month.

. Sluggish driving is liable for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal wounds yearly

For what reason does the body need to rest? There are two essential reasons our bodies need rest.

1. Restoration and consolidation of memories

2. Detox and recovery
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If pain is keeping you awake at night, I have two recommendations.
1) Use oral CBD oil for systemic inflammation.

2) Apply a small amount of the 500mg 3.8oz pain cream to the area of pain before bed.
For most starting with the micro or standard dose range will suffice between .5-100mg of CBD, taken right before bed or an hour or so prior.

When you take CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, and how much CBD you take will require intuition. It should be noted 5mg of CBD before bed may result in alertness while 50mg of CBD before bed may act as a sedative.




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